Kähler VC.X

Kähler VC.X supercharges the VC deal sourcing process with tailored intel to discover tomorrow`s leading SaaS companies.

We are particularly attuned to the signals that provide unique intelligence on early-stage enterprise SaaS companies powered by next-gen open source technologies. S X Ω X 0 , Ω n , 0 X S_X \simeq \Omega^{0,\bullet}_X \otimes \sqrt{\Omega^{n,0}}_X

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How Kähler VC.X Works?

1. Kähler Data Collection

We collect conventional and alternative data from a variety of sources and formats, specifically tailored to the needs of individual VCs.

2. Kähler Data Lake

We store all the data in our secure and highly resilient distributed datastore ready to be cleaned and pre-processed.

data collection data lake kahler engine kahler dashboard

3. Kähler DL Engine

Cleaned and pre-processed data is loaded into our novel deep-learning engine for training and prediction purposes.

4. Kähler VC.X Dashboard

The final step is to provide data visualization dashboards containing customized intelligence that VCs need to make informed decisions.


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