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Kähler VC.X is a versatile market intelligence platform focusing on private & public European & US technology companies. The platform leverages our proprietary mathematical frameworks that is specifically calibrated to find hidden relationships that exist in datasets from various sources/formats. These hidden relationships are thereafter synthesized into actionable insights that are meaningful to investors with respect to; deal origination process, talent acquisition, market trends and exits strategies such as IPOs & M&As.

We also offer specialist mathematical and data engineering consulting services with an emphasis on emerging tech i.e. AI, Quantum Computing and Blockchain. To learn more please visit Kähler VC.X Consulting.


Kähler IPO

Our proprietary IPO Sentiment Analyzer Platform helps investors and management of growth stage technology companies have a sense of public investor buy-in sentiment before considering the IPO route as first choice exit strategy.

In a nutshell, we compute our novel buy-in score sentiment strength that we codenamed Kolmogorov IPO Score using our proprietary mathematical framework that leverages a detailed profiling of the companies and the top investors in European & US companies listed in top exchanges such as NYSE and NASDAQ.



Kähler Talentum

Kähler Talentum is a KPI driven talent acquisition platform that uses tailored intel to identify ideal individuals best placed to deliver results.

Our active profiling research includes engineers and researchers from; big tech companies, notable VC backed companies, and top academic institutions. Leveraging our ground-breaking proprietary mathematical framework, codenamed Kolmogorov-Chern Framework, we compute the profile match percentage against the KPIs.



Kähler M&A

We simulate hypothetical M&A scenarios between European and US based technology companies.

Our data-driven solution is particularly calibrated to help the management and investors of enterprise unicorn companies find out if their companies should merge before going public. However, public investors can also leverage our M&A predictions to help anticipate large M&As before they happen.



Kähler Diligence

We provide bespoke technical/company valuations to help investors find the true value of their investment opportunities.

Our reports include an industry adoption analysis where we dig deep into the adoption of emerging technologies by the 1000 largest global organizations and contrast this against the investment opportunities being presented to investors. Our coverage includes hot emerging technologies such as; quantum computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain.



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