Mathematics + Data Engineering

f μ = f μ + i f μ . \int f \,\mu = \int \Re{f} \,\mu + \mathrm{i} \int \Im{f} \,\mu .

At Kähler AI, mathematics plays an important role in what we do on daily basis. For example, in our proprietary mathematical micro-frameworks such as the ‘Kolmogorov VC.X Framework’, we bring abstract concepts from many branches of pure mathematics into play including; Complex Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Functional Analysis, and Measure Theory.

We are now aiming to democratize the access to mathematical expertise and data engineering capabilities in order to help investment firms and their portfolios leverage the power of mathematics without going through the hurdles of recruiting an in-house team of mathematicians in the short term.

Our Proposition

We have built a trusted pool of talented consultants in mathematics and data engineering across Europe and the US who are experienced in solving problems using techniques from diverse fields, drawing on extensive research experience in both academia and the industry.

More than 70% of our consultants have PhDs in mathematics or Computer Science.


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