AI First Equity Investment Strategies

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Kähler AI - Alternative Data Meets AI

We offer AI driven Software as a Service (SaaS) to help public and private equity tech investors with; deal sourcing, deal evaluation and portfolio optimization by replacing the current labour intensive elements of their analysis workflow with a pure mathematics infused AI software that leverages streams of alternative data and novel techniques from subjects such as; Differential Geometry and Algebraic Topology.

Our industry monitoring systems frequently analyze streams of alternative data to uncover important trends driving the tech industry and then create dynamic recommendation of opportunities with exposure to these trends so that investors can make unbiased data driven investment decisions. We are particularly focused on the proliferation of emerging technologies including; AI, Big data, Cybersecurity and Distributed systems.


Venture Capital Deal Sourcing

With so many data points available to private equity investors today from online data aggregators such as CB Insights, VCs don’t have enough time or analysts to source and analyze it all. Meaning there is always a high chance of overlooking great early stage investment opportunities that are outside the VCs regular networks.

Kähler VC.X deep learning powered web based analytics software helps VCs mitigate the risk of overlooking companies by bringing dynamic and data-driven insights into their deal sourcing decision making process. The software is deployed around specific signals and outcomes tailored to the needs of each VC firm (e.g. fund target ROI).



Mergers & Acquisition

Large investment banks such as Goldman Sachs are investing heavily in emerging big data technologies and data science talent to mantain their market dominance in the M & As space. This creates a huge barrier to smaller investment banking organisations when it comes to competing for big M & As deals against Goldman Sachs and Cos.

Kähler MA.X deep learning powered web-based analytics software wants to help smaller investment banks compete with the large incumbents by bringing alternative data insights into their M & As deal sourcing and evaluation workflow. The software is deployed around specific signals and outcomes tailored to the needs of each investment bank.



Hedge Fund Portfolio Optimization

Kähler Quant.X high-frequency data analytics enables a day-to-day understanding of portfolios market position and wider tactical shifts within their industries using alternative data. The software provides algorithmic Strategy as a Service to help Hedge Fund Managers find the optimal long - short strategies for any given number of portfolios.

Additionally, our alternative data is tuned for large public tech companies such as; Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco. But we also include alternative data tuned to newer public tech companies such as Dropbox and Twilio.